2023 FINALIST: Glennys Briggs

In the pieces submitted for the Wangaratta Textile Award, she is endeavoring to tell the stories which for so long have been denied, forgotten, untold and have gone unknowledge. The materials and images which have been used in the Cloak of Sorrow reference the massacres which resulted from invasion. 

10 June – 20 August

Wangaratta Contemporary Textile Award 2023
A Kyamba Foundation project

The Wangaratta Contemporary Textile Award is a biennial acquisitive award and exhibition, which celebrates the diversity and strength of Australian textile art.

Wangaratta has a long and prominent history of textile manufacturing, and craft making. The Wangaratta Contemporary Textile Award builds upon this unique tradition and social history, by elevating and promoting the development of contemporary textile practice in Australia.

In its eighth year of delivery, a partnership with the Kyamba Foundation will see an increase in the award’s prize money from $10,000 to $40,000. This significant investment will ensure a representation of excellence from practitioners across the nation.

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Wodonga, VIC, Australia

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